How can I use the free scenarios?

To use my free scenarios, you need to use the Make (Integromat) tool.

But before we create an account, let’s deal with the cryptic website that opens when you want to download a scenario.

After we click download any scenario, we will be directed to a page that looks like this:

This is basically the JSON that makes up the Make scenarios.

All we need to do here is right-click and save (use Google Chrome or Firefox for this – Safari, for example, sometimes has problems).

Now we can save it and get a handy JSON file.

It’s time to implement our scenario.

Therefore, we go to and create an account.

After that, we land on our organization’s dashboard and find a purple button in the upper right corner that says “+ Create New Scenario”.

After clicking on it, we will see our overview where we can create scenarios.

While we can browse all possible modules, we can also click on the three dots in our toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

There we need to select “Import Blueprint”.

A pop-up window will now open where we have to select the JSON file.

If we click Save now, we have implemented the scenario.

All we have to do is set it up and select the right values. You can find out how this works in my tutorials.

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