How to Ship your No-Code MVP Even Faster

You probably chose to build your MVP with no-code because of its flexibility, speed, and cost-effectiveness. That’s a very good decision, by the way. However, creating a no-code MVP can also be time-consuming, with unnecessary features being developed, turning days into weeks and so on.

The solution to this is to develop a “concierge MVP,” enabling you to complete and test your no-code MVP even faster.

What is a “concierge MVP”?

In a concierge MVP, instead of a finished product with automated processes, a product or service is offered that is entirely manual. The customer of the product goes through all the steps they would go through in the finished solution. From the customer’s point of view, a fully “functional” product is offered that is only scalable to a limited extent (Codecentric).

Applying the concept to your no-code MVP means creating a fully functional frontend with workflows that look neat and work flawlessly. However, on the backend, you’ll be making manual database entries, writing emails without automations, and doing all the things that are time-consuming to create.

That’s exactly what we did. When we built our MVP, I completely left out things like an admin panel where our team can upload new projects and change settings. We did all of that manually because building those admin functions would have taken me a few more days that I’d rather spend testing.

How do you build a “no-code concierge MVP”?

At this point, you probably already have an idea of what your no-code concierge MVP might look like. To decide what you can handle manually, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many users do I have/need for my MVP, and what automations can I reduce?
  • What tasks can be done manually (e.g., filling the database, sending emails, …)?
  • What part of the development requires a lot of work that is not visible/necessary to the user? 

If you answer these questions before you start building your MVP, you can omit those parts and reduce development time by at least 30%.


Even no-code development can be accelerated. Many unnecessary things don’t need to be developed initially. These “convenience” features only cost time and can often be done manually. So, find out what you really need.

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