5 Reasons Why Startups Should Consider No-Code

Celebrating a small milestone of over 100 platform users in just 3 weeks after our launch, we couldn’t help but reflect on the decision we made at the beginning of our product journey.

The question that loomed over us in the beginning was whether to opt for the traditional full-code approach or build with no-code solutions.

In the end, we chose the latter, and it has been a decision that tremendously helped us. Here’s why no-code turned out to be a game-changer for us.

  1. Lightning Speed:

    The pace at which we were able to develop and launch our platform using no-code tools was a huge advantage. In just a matter of weeks, we transformed our ideas into a tangible and functional product. The efficiency of no-code development empowered us to hit the ground running and make a quick impact in the market.

    In fact, we were able to develop a two-sided marketplace with APIs fetching data from multiple tools in less than a month.
  1. Cost-Effective Solution:

    For startups, every dollar counts. Opting for no-code development proved to be a wise financial decision. By sidestepping the need for expensive developer teams or external agencies, we saved a fortune.

    Our monthly tech-stack costs are nothing comparable to traditional development costs.
  1. Empowering Independence:

    We didn’t have to rely on external experts for every minor update or tweak. With the ability to make changes on our own terms, we achieved greater agility and were able to respond quickly to user feedback, fine-tuning the platform for a better user experience.

    In just one week, we gathered feedback, started building parts of our platform in the second week, and tested it in the third.
  1. No Need for Full-Code Overkill:

    Our platform case is a typical B2B scenario, which means we don’t have thousands of users on our platform simultaneously. No-code, therefore, provided a sufficient and elegant solution to bring our platform to life.
  1. Future-Proofing our Growth:

    As our startup grows, so will our platform’s needs. Should we ever consider transitioning to a full-code solution, our no-code platform will have already been market-tested with real users. This foresight will save us unnecessary costs in the initial conception and development stages of a full-scale coding solution.


Deciding between full-code and no-code is an essential consideration for any startup. In our case, embracing no-code delivered great results. The speed, cost-effectiveness, independence, and future-proofing it offers make no-code a valid option for many startups like ours.

So, before you embark on your platform development journey, weigh the options carefully – no-code could be also a game-changer for your startup.

Happy coding, or should I say, no-coding!

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